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Vance Floors

Vance Floors

Carpet, Hardwood and Vinyl

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Why Come to Vance Floors for your flooring needs?

1. Vance floors is a family owned and operated business. The owner with 30 years of field installation experience appreciates the needs of the customer and the flooring installer.

 Satisfaction is our #1 goal!

Satisfied customers and installers lead to successful, long lasting relationships

2. Our background is anchored in the construction field ,which gives us the experience to accurately estimate, plan and execute any project.

3. From small studios to custom homes, and from restaurants  to supermarkets, we have done it all!

4. We offer a wide variety of products. If you are looking for carpet, hardwood, laminate or tile, chance are we have that source in our product line. If not we will get exactly what you want every time.

5. We are fully licensed by the state of California and have maintained a blemish-free record since it’s issuance.

6. We are fully insured to cover any size job. 

Quality Floors, Great installations and Prompt Service